Gym Court Floor Contamination Control with Walk-Off Basketball Sticky Mat

Gym Court Floor Contamination Control with Walk-Off Basketball Sticky Mat

Air quality of gym is very important to the well beings of users and spectators. Unfortunately, HVAC systems in gyms are frequently found to be improperly designed. Researchers from Europe assessed air quality at 11 different gyms during peak hours, the results showed high amounts of dust and chemicals such as formaldehyde, and carbon dioxide. During pandemic and flu season, there are also concerns about air borne microbes. Airborne microbes are biological airborne contaminants (also known as bioaerosols) like bacteria, viruses or fungi as well as airborne toxins passed from one victim to the next through the air, without physical contact, causing irritation at the very least.

In gyms there are two key factors that contribute to poor air quality. 1) People – In gyms users are often breathing more heavy than in other buildings, caused by their workout, which causes an increase release of particulates and airborne microbes such as viruses. 2) insufficient ventilation – Low air changes, insufficient air filtration and use of recirculated air are often problems in gyms. Mold and mildew grow in humid conditions, Viruses and bacteria thrive in humid air.

The virus and bacteria in the air will eventually settle down with dust on to the gym floor. There is study ( shows Covid viruses can live on wood for 2 days. During game playing, the dust maybe kicked into the air again causing health concern. The dust, viruses, and bacteria will then travelled with sneakers sole to other areas such as locker rooms. According to CDC study ( has found evidence that the 2019 novel coronavirus can be carried on shoes. The study found genetic material from the coronavirus on half of the samples they took from the bottoms of medical workers’ shoes. They also found evidence of the virus on floors, including areas beyond where COVID-19 patients were being treated.

Gym hardwood court floor is a big investment for any athletic facility. Like any big investment, organizations want to do whatever they can to take care of it. According to floor care experts regarding gym floor maintenance and decontamination, the cleaning should be done regardless of how often a floor is used. It’s a matter of the dirt and dust that are in the air. Gym that hasn’t been used at all and being regularly cleaned three times a day can still found to be dirty in the morning after the dust and dirt have settled on the floor overnight. Without constant cleaning, the dirt is acting like sandpaper, the first person who walks on your floor every morning is basically scratching it. Scratched surface will trap more even more dust and microbes. Street shoes can bring even more unwanted particles onto the gym court.

Although reducing the amount of dust in a facility may be hard to do, facilities can take steps to reduce the amount of dirt and debris tracked into the gym by users and spectators. It can be difficult to ask gym users not to wear street shoes onto the court. Many floor care experts recommend walk-off mats. Walk-off mats are one of the most important things that a gym can provide to restrict some of that particulate soils from making it into the gym floor. Without proper care themselves, however, traditional walk-off mats will do nothing but create a built-up supply of debris for users to track in. Traditional walk-off mat have to be vacuumed and maintained regularly to avoid this pitfall. However, Basketball Sticky Mat ie. Walk-off Sticky Mats – The Sticky Walk-Off Peel-Off Mat offers a simpler solution.

A 2012 study found that temporary adhesive sticky mats reduced the particle level on shoes and overshoes by 20–50%. The purpose of Sticky Mat is to prevent contaminants from entering the site with personnel, and hazardous materials from exiting. Airborne particles that are not removed by the ventilation system deposit themselves onto a surface, where they can be transported by personnel walking on or past them. The walk-off Basketball Sticky Mat offers a quicker solution – peeling off the soiled sheet, to reduce harmful particles from entering to the court.

Basketball Sticky Mat is the best preventive measure for gym floor decontamination and maintenance. Using walk-off sticky mat at gym entrances can make a huge difference in the rest of your maintenance and decontamination program. Keeping particulate soils and dangerous microbes off of the floor by catching them at the door saves maintenance time and keeps the floor from being damaged.

In the next article, we will discussed about an enhanced version of Sticky Mat, the Anti-Microbial Sticky Mat.